Cabaret, Comics, and Edible Books





It’s festival season again, which means you’re going to have some difficult decisions to make come the weekends. Comics…or edible books? Beer…or jazz?


This weekend




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  • Interested in something other than fstivals? We’ve got a host of genres waiting for you at


Photo credit: David Rose, Edible Book Festival, Michelle Bates


Spring Fair, World Rhythm Festival, Earth Day events and more…

The saying is: “April showers bring May flowers. ” And while it is April, and it is raining, you don’t have to wait until May to see flowers — tulips and daffodils are in bloom right now and are only short drive away from Seattle.

This month also brings Earth Day (Apr 22), and a great selection of live music, spring festivals, and family fun. We’ve included a few ideas here. Check out for thousands more!

Concerts/Music – full calendar

Are you one of the lucky ones going to see Prince at the Showbox? Don’t forget to also show your support for our own Seattle’s music talent!

Earth Day (April 22) – full calendar

Earth Day is coming up. How do you plan to celebrate our Earth? You can find some activities listed in our Spring calendar:

Festivals – full calendar

Family Fun – full calendar

… and a few more that might meet your fancy:

Happy April!

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Spring activities start this weekend! – Festivals, St. Patrick’s, Easter events…

Spring is arriving March 20th! With the days getting longer and the weather getting warmer, it’s time to end your winter hibernation and get out of the house! What is there to do?

St. Patrick’s Day (March 17)  -  full calendar

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Dust off your green shirt and head to one of these St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that begin this weekend:

Spring Festivals  -  full calendar

Festival season is gearing up! See what communities and organizations are hosting in and around Seattle this season:

Charitable Spirit  -  full calendar

It always feels good to give! Spend some time at one of the many charity events in the area:

Easter  (March 31) - full calendar

Dress up like a bunny or find the most eggs at one of these events:

Here are a few more events that may peak your interest:
Mark your calendars for some Spring fun!
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