Are you ready for the long weekend? Bumbershoot, PAX, Blues for Food…

It’s Labor Day Weekend!

Are you making plans? There are plenty of activities to choose from

Along with Bumbershoot and PAX, there are vintage tugboats, stand-up comedy, and concerts (so, so many concerts) awaiting you at this weekend’s events.
If you can’t find something that interests you, check out many more events at

Festivals  - full calendar

Theater - full calendar

All the world’s a stage, they say…so here’s a world of theater acts happening this weekend.

Dance - full calendar

Shake things up! Here are some fun dances and dance workshops happening in the next few days.

Music - full calendar

Bumbershoot isn’t the only music event happening this weekend. Check out the slew of other artists and bands playing.

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The HurryOut Team 

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