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The Stage Fright Cure
Main image for event The Stage Fright Cure
Sat, Jan 11 @ 1:30pm - 3:30pm.
Stage fright is not limited to performers or the stage. Anyone can get a case of the nerves, whether in the arts, education, the professions, business, sales or personal situations. It can be from mildly interfering to truly severe. At its worst, it can significantly affect your performance or even stop you in your tracks.

No matter what form your stage fright takes, there is one cause and one cure. In her new book "The Stage Fright Cure", Marti MacEwan, MA, LMHC, shares her discoveries from her counseling practice in helping people get over stage fright, performance anxiety and the fear of public speaking.

In The Stage Fright Cure Workshop she will introduce you to her revolutionary method. You will not only take away a new understanding of stage fright and where it comes from, but also, and more importantly, a way to cure it.