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The Duet - Bottom Line Duo
Main image for event The Duet - Bottom Line Duo
Sat, Feb 15 @ 7:30pm - 10pm.
Spencer and Traci Hoveskeland - On a life long mission to perform great music with high standards in quiet places where the audience is there to hear it on purpose in order to give ownership and value for art and humor to the people! - Duet or Die!

Billed as 'social chamber music' or '21st Century Parlor Music' The Duet, one of three internationally touring bass and cello duos in history, has been thrilling audiences with their fast fingers, wit, and bows. With humor bordering on outright comedy they deliver a program with roots in chamber music and an amazing repertoire of modern and popular sounds.

As the only full-length bass and cello duo show in the world, these accomplished artists prove chamber music is accessible to all by breaking down common stereotypes.

The Bottom Line Duo received its name in 1992 when presented in concert by the "Ladies Music Club" of Bellingham, Washington. The presenters took the liberty of posting a sign with the name. It stuck. The Bottom Line Duo is a unique ensemble of bass and cello deriving its literature through adaptations of famous works, new works, and existing works. The performance is presented in a chamber music fashion with anecdotes, virtuosity, and refined comedy. The duo began touring in 1996 and by 1998 was part of a group representing the Los Angeles Music Center, L.A. Philharmonic specifically, on a fundraising tour aboard the RMS QUEEN ELIZABETH 2 from South Hampton, England to New York, New York. The duo has enjoyed performing in New York's Carnegie Hall and Washington D.C.'s Kennedy Center and in many communities with equally great halls and audiences.