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BunnyCon: The Bunny Bar Hop
Main image for event BunnyCon: The Bunny Bar Hop
Sat, Apr 19.
Hey Bunnies! On the day before Easter over one thousand of us will be hopping from bar to bar through downtown Seattle from noon until 2am! Why? To have a good time and spread springtime cheer and creativity! This event is free - Bunnies don't pay a cover!

2013 Seattle PI photos:


We plan on raising money for three different non-profits by (a) asking the bars to donate a portion of their revenues from rabbits and (b) selling a limited supply of bunny ears. More details coming soon.

This is a volunteer-driven event. Our second planning meeting is Tues Jan 28th in Belltown. All interested volunteers please fill out the form at

1. My name is Bunny. Your name is Bunny. We are Bunny. Who's in charge here? Bunny!
2. Bunny will bring cash and tip. No cards! No complex orders! Lines will be long, so keep it quick and simple.
3. Dress as a bunny. Ears are the minimum! Or be another springtime creature. Or a carrot. Or a hunter. Get in the spirit and try not to wear regular clothes.
4. Wear good walking shoes. Bunny is covering lots of ground.
5. This is a participatory event. Do not expect us to entertain you, though we will. Bring something Bunny will enjoy: candy, toys, games, stickers, buttons, signs, or a kickass costume.
6. Expect lines. Bunny will deal with it, find another spot nearby, or bring an alternate means of drinking... keeping in mind the establishments won't approve.
7. Pace yourself. Know your limits. Remember to eat! And Bunny doesn't drink and drive!
8. Share your photos and thoughts on the Facebook wall! Tag Seattle BunnyCon in your posts. Or use hashtag #bunnycon

The full route won't be announced until just before the event. But we will give an outline a few weeks in advance for your planning purposes. We will be around downtown Seattle!